Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Big Brother/Quick Joke/Food Journal

I liked Evil Dick and was rooting for he and his daughter, Danielle, but he was kind of ticking me off during Tuesday's episode. I think he's gotten too big for his britches and was borderline cruel to Kail. Not that I like Kail, but I didn't like Evil's attitude either. I was glad to see Danielle try to reel him in. I used to think Nick was pretty easy on the eyes, but he's getting uglier by the minute. He seems so stuck-up and I think he's definitely playing Danielle. He'll probably drop her like a hot potatoe outside of the house. How stupid is Mike? Yeah, I guess it was admirable to stick by Kail and she needed someone to throw her a bone, but he dug his own grave. I think he stuck by Kail more because he didn't like Evil bullying her than out of loyalty to Kail. Guess you gotta like him for that. Can't wait for Thursday!

Someone sent me this joke today:

Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot!

Breakfast: Kashi bar (2 pts.)
Snack: banana (2 pts.)
Lunch: chicken breast and fruit salad (7 pts.)
snack: nectarine (1 pt.)
Supper: Chicken breast, salad, baked potatoe (8 pts.)
Snack: blueberries and a banana (3 pts.)

Activity: None (stuck in mtgs. all day and now I'm too lazy to move)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shopping Trip

Took my son, Matthew, shopping today. I'm a Wal Mart and Target girl, but he's been wanting to go to the mall to check out some popular stores like, American Eagle, Aeropostle (sp?) and Abercrombie. I figured these stores would be expensive so I told him we could look, but probably wouldn't be buying. Turns out that AE and Aeropostle were having good sales, plus, if you tried on a pair of jeans at Aeropostle you got an instant coupon just for trying them on. So, Matthew got a few new things and really thinks he's "stylin" now. He had a B.D. party to go to tonight (for a girl...) so he was excited to have something cool to wear.

Breakfast - fruit and 2 strips of bacon (4 pts.)
Lunch - Lots of samples at Sam's (too many pts.)
Snack - A slab of "Cure 81" ham that I stuffed in my mouth mindlessly while fixing Matthew a quick ham and cheese sandwich (4 pts.)
Supper - Ham and scalloped potatoes, green beans and corn on the cob (10 pts.)
TOTAL - I don't know. All the samples at Sam's Club blew my points.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Nothing New Today

Just an ordinary day (which is good). My daughter left the house at 5:30 this a.m., headed for Colorado. I went to work, the gym at noon, work again, came home, took my son to Blockbuster to rent a WII game, then back home to fix supper (which was actually breakfast, my husband's favorite kind of supper) and now I'm contemplating playing on the computer for a few hours or getting off pretty quick and do some housework so I don't have so much to do this weekend (tough choice, huh?).

Here's today's food journal:

Breakfast - banana and Kudos (4 pts.)
Lunch - Leftover ham, fried potatoes and green beans (6 pts. - I had small portions of ham and potatoes)
Snack - 2 nectarines (2 pts.)
Supper - bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, fried potatoes (10 pts. - ate on a saucer)
Snack - Probably 2 fudge sticks and Hostess 100 cal. cupcakes (3 pts.)

Activity - 30 min. on Elliptical, 3 arm machines and 2 leg machines

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Live Free Die Hard/Big Brother/Food Journal

I left work a few minutes early the other day and met my kids at the movie theater to see Live Free Die Hard. It was really good. Tons of action and one you should definitely see on the big screen. Two thumbs up!!

Joe's out and Evil Dick is the new Head of Household - YEAH!! I predict he nominates Jen and Kail for eviction (at least I hope).

My daughter leaves for Colorado tomorrow a.m. She's going on a mission trip with our church. This is her second year to go and she's REALLY excited. We'll miss her. Several 15 passenger vans (full of teenagers) pulling trailers will be traveling in a big caravan. I HATE 15 passenger vans. Please pray that they have a safe trip.

Breakfast: Kashi bar (2 pts.)
Snack: banana (2 pts.)
Lunch: fruit cup at Panera Bread (2.5 pts.)
Dinner: ham, fried potatoes, corn bread, green beans (13 pts.)
Snack: 100 cal. Hostess Cupcakes (1 pt.) and a fudge stick (1 pt.)
TOTAL: 21.5

Activity: None

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meme / Food

Annie tagged me for a Meme, so here goes .....

1. What brings tears to your eyes, just about everytime? The song, "Believe" by Brooks and Dunn

2. What does your favorite outfit look like, the one that you feel great in? I feel really fat in everything right now, but if I have to choose it would be my jean capris with a babydoll-type tan shirt

3. What color are you looking at a lot these days? Brown

4. Do you let your kids/hubbie drink after you, would you ever share a toothbrush with hubbie? Yeah, they can drink after me, but "NO WAY" on sharing a toothbrush - GROSS!!

5. You're having dinner at your best friend's house, you find a hair in your food... what do you do? Push my food around the plate to make it look like I ate and then when the coast is clear, scrape my plate in the trash and keep my mouth shut.

If anyone wants to copy and paste the questions into your blog, feel free. Please let me know if you do so I can check out your answers too.

I'm on a Spark Team (Go Skinnie Minnies!) and have been putting my food journal on my Spark Page, but I've decided it's a pain to keep up with more than one blog. So...I'm gonna start tracking my food on this blog. It just helps me be accountable on my diet, excuse me, new lifestyle. Here's today's food:

Breakfast: Special K meal bar - 4 pts.
Snack: Banana - 2 pts.
Lunch: Ham/cheese sandwich (lean ham, ff cheese, 1 pt. break) - 4 pts.
Snack: 2 nectarines - 2 pts.
Supper: 1 chicken strip and ten baked tots - 6 pts.
Snack: Sugar Free Tigers Blood snow cone
TOTAL: 18 pts.

I get a total of 26 pts. per day so I'll probably have a couple more snacks before I go to bed.

Went to the Y, rode the elliptical for 30 min., did 3 arm machines and 2 leg machines

My team had their first weigh in today and I lost 2 lbs. this week - yeah!!

Big Brother / My last nerve!

I'm mad that Dick and his daughter were nominated for eviction. This father and daughter have been estranged and I was hoping time in the house would bring them closer. It cracks me up when Jen and Amber start crying. I love watching that blonde, cheerleader girl. Talk about an airhead, but she makes me laugh. Eric's my favorite guy in the house.

Okay, the weirdest thing happened. I leaned against the corner of a bookcase for about 20 minutes while talking to someone at work. Afterwards, I noticed that the top of my hand and wrist were numb. After about an hour of numbness I kinda start to worry that maybe I'm having a stroke or something?!? Folks at work put me through the typical tests - smile, what's your birthday, move your fingers. I passed all, but still feeling didn't return and I couldn't type. I went to the Dr. and he said I pinched a nerve. Crazy, huh?!? It's been a day and a half and I think the feeling's trying to come back. Typing is slow in the meantime. What a dumb thing to happen. It makes me feel old.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

100 Cal. Hostess Cupcakes

I love these things! So much so that I made a decision yesterday not to buy them anymore. I tend to think it's okay to overeat as long as it's a "diet" food. I finished off my box this a.m. (2 packs for breakfast - 2 pts.). husband just got home from Wal Mart and guess what he bought me??? That's right, two more boxes of 100 Cal. Hostess Cupcakes cause he knows I like them so much.

Had a visit from some out-of-state friends tonight. It was good to see them. I'll be honest, when I got the call they were coming, my first thought was, "Crap, I'm gonna have to clean my house!" But, in the end, it was a good thing because it forced me to clean and we enjoyed seeing them.