Thursday, July 19, 2007

Live Free Die Hard/Big Brother/Food Journal

I left work a few minutes early the other day and met my kids at the movie theater to see Live Free Die Hard. It was really good. Tons of action and one you should definitely see on the big screen. Two thumbs up!!

Joe's out and Evil Dick is the new Head of Household - YEAH!! I predict he nominates Jen and Kail for eviction (at least I hope).

My daughter leaves for Colorado tomorrow a.m. She's going on a mission trip with our church. This is her second year to go and she's REALLY excited. We'll miss her. Several 15 passenger vans (full of teenagers) pulling trailers will be traveling in a big caravan. I HATE 15 passenger vans. Please pray that they have a safe trip.

Breakfast: Kashi bar (2 pts.)
Snack: banana (2 pts.)
Lunch: fruit cup at Panera Bread (2.5 pts.)
Dinner: ham, fried potatoes, corn bread, green beans (13 pts.)
Snack: 100 cal. Hostess Cupcakes (1 pt.) and a fudge stick (1 pt.)
TOTAL: 21.5

Activity: None


annie said...

You did good today!

Candace said...

Hope your daughter has a safe and fun trip. I'll have to check out that movie, but may need to wait until video - the babysitting pool needs to be explored again.

I made the 'fudge' out of curiosity more than anything. It does take getting used to, as I said. I'm thinking about scanning the net for other versions of this.

Fatinah said...

best wishes for your daughter to have a safe trip. I am totally hoping for the same nominations. It would be a great way for Evil to not make any new enemies.
MMMM, I saw Die Hard recently also....I love Bruce!