Monday, July 9, 2007

My Tea's Not Working!

Okay, I know I said I'd be happy with maintaining my weight this week, but I lied. I really wanted to loose despite the fact I cheated. Remember, I'm drinking a special tea so I figured that was my "ace in the hole". Well..... apparently, the stupid tea wasn't the miracle drink I had hoped for because I gained 0.6! Aaarrgghh!! I know I cheated some, but I HOPED the tea would save me. Well, I'm off the tea kick. I'll finish my supply, but that's it! Guess I'll have to rely more heavily on healthy habits and will power. I HATE that! I need a magic pill!

Okay, sorry about the vent session. I think I feel better now and will try to refocus tomorrow.


Candace said...

Look forward to seeing you on the challenge. No 'aces' for this challenge, just lotso' water, staying OP, and starting to exercise. I'm really excited about it - I think being accountable to team members will motivate me to better stick to plan.
Cheers, Candace

Happy Working Mom said...

I have tried too many of those "special" things that claim to make me less hungry, or speed up my metabolism, or whatever. I hate it because I always get my hopes up and then nothing.

Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

annie said...

aw, shoot!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

When you find that magic pill will you let me know?? I could use it too!!