Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm new to the blog world. Not sure I have enough to say to even have a blog, but my friend Annie is really into it and says I'm good at talking about nothing. Is that a compliment? Anyway, I'm glad to be here and hope to fancy up my blog in the days to come.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melody! Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm a bloggy friend of Annie's. I know any friend of Annie's must be worth the visit. :o)

Anonymous said...


Welcome to blogging! It really is fun.. just talk about your life.. the good, the bad... it is all welcome here!

I am a friend of Annie's through blogging and a Spring Swap.

Look forward to learning more about you here!

Welcome, Welcome!!


In Light of the Truth... said...

Welcome to blog world! I'm not one of many words, but I HAVE met sooo many amazing women since I started just a couple months ago! I've felt so motivated and encouraged! But watch out, once you go to one person's page, then you're linked to dozens others! It gets addicting! =)

Have a blessed week!

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